Selah (Ltd. Ed.)

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2016

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“Roxx Records is very excited to announce the third instalment in our Limited Edition Underground vinyl series. Our next release comes to us by way of one of the Christian metal underground’s most heralded, yet under-rated, US power metal releases of the 90’s from the band Oracle as we give our special re-issue treatment to the band’s long out-of-print debut EP! At the time of its original release in 1992, Oracle’s ‘Selah’ EP was critically acclaimed the world over. From the US Christian metal underground, to the European heavy metal scene, ‘Selah’ was, and is, considered to be a triumph of US power metal drawing influence from neo-classical metal, NWOBHM and thrash metal. It was initially released as an independent cassette in 1992, then shortly after as an independent CD in 1993… both direct from the band and impossible to find these days. Since that time, it has been re-issued twice on CD, once as a split with US metal band Emerald on M8 Records (2001) and again in remastered form as part of ‘Desolate Kings: The Oracle Anthology’ on Divebomb Records (2010), which is now out-of-print and nearly sold out. But never before has this underground US metal classic seen a vinyl release…until now! The release includes the original mastering of ‘Selah’, all new artwork inspired by the band’s original concept, a brand new essay written by Oracle vocalist Shawn Pelata (Final Sign, Line Of Fire)and is individually hand-numbered. This is a true Limited Edition pressing of only 150 copies.” -Roxx Records

Side A
Passage Denied
Harlot’s Destiny
Witches And Warlocks

Side B
The Purging Fire
Desolate Kings