Various Artists

In The Shadow Of Death

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Label : Endtime Productions   Year : 2000

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“75 minutes of extreme music from Scandinavia make for one very happy reviewer. 9 of the 15 songs on here are previously unreleased songs, so you’re not just getting a bunch of re-hashed tunes… If you like extreme music in the slightest bit than you must get this CD. Even if you already have all the previously released songs. The unreleased songs are good enough to warrant spending your hard-earned cash.” -The Whiping Post

Parca Pace – Chrysalis
Vaakevandring – Fall Of Man
Lengsel – Revival
Schaliach – Purple Filter
Sanctum – Stone
Crimson Moonlight – Blood Covered My Needs
Antestor – Spiritual Disease
Extol – Inferno (European Version)
Mental Destruction – Your Dying Soul
Anaemia – The Second Incarnation
Sanctifica – Riket
Vardöger – Footprints Of Thunder
Absurd – Wisdom
Drottnar – Trellebaand Maa Briste
Nebulon – Enough